GH day 16 – aka ‘Pick Out a Fancy-Shmancy Dress Day’

Task  #17 (Pick out a Dress) was much more stressful than you would think. Let me set the scene for you. I am not a girly-girl. Dresses and I are not the best of friends. We may hang around some of the same people and nod at each other across the room, but since we don’t have a lot in common, we don’t spend any quality time together.

file0001639664233 (Don’t get excited, this is NOT the dress)

To give you an idea of what I mean – one of the first things my female co-workers said to me once I explained that I was a finalist for the Golden Heart® and would be attending a formal award ceremony was, and I quote. “Oh, we need to help you with picking out a dress.” Verbatim, EVERY one of them. Now if I didn’t have a complex before, I have one now.

When I told them that I would simply wear one of the dresses I had in my closet, you would have thought that I asked them to club a baby seal. “You deserve a new dress! How can you think about wearing something in your closet?” I interpreted this to mean that they were concerned about what I actually had in my closet.

Now, my friend at work who likes to ‘help’ me with things, sat down with me and started to go through the internet for dresses. That was a new experience. I am not a dinosaur. I buy quite a bit of things online, but normally dresses are not one of them. Unfortunately it is hard to find anything in stores that are not made for girls heading to the prom and quite frankly, I want more material covering my body.

We found two dresses that I ordered and had sent to me. When they arrived, I received an order from my co-workers to bring them to work so that they could be voted on. So now I am at my office trying on dress number one. “Oh my God she is wearing a dress!” “Wow, you look good.” (and this was said with a bit of surprise). “She actually has legs!” Ten people are standing outside my office weighing in on the dress. I felt like a specimen under a microscope. Then dress number 2. Decisions, decisions. Then dress number one again. Sigh. Finally a consensus was reached and dress number one was the winner.

So I went back into my office and changed into my (you guessed it) pants and shirt before coming back into the main office. I could finally relax, until I was asked what I planned to wear for shoes, and what about jewelry?

Good Lord…can those please be tasks for another day… Task 17 √ completed


3 thoughts on “GH day 16 – aka ‘Pick Out a Fancy-Shmancy Dress Day’

  1. Where’s a picture of your real dress? You’re going to make me wait until the RWA conference award ceremony on July 20 to see it, aren’t you? Patience is a virtue, I suppose…

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