GH day 15 – aka ‘Ask for Advice Day’

Two weeks ago (can you believe it?) I got the call that I was a finalist in the Golden Heart® and you’ve been following my blog path as I lay out my project plan to become a published author. There are so many steps to follow and so many things to do that I know better than to try to figure out everything on my own.

So today’s task # 16 is ask advice from those who have been down this road before.

No woman is an island. I am not the first GH finalist and I won’t be the last.Several of this year’s finalists are multi-year finalists. They know how the National Convention will work, including the awards ceremony. And they are wonderfully supportive and open with advice to the ‘freshman’ group of us who are first time finalists.

I am also going to speak with several writers who were finalists in the past to ask their advice. What experience, good and bad, did they take away from the convention? Did their finalist status help them to get published? How?

Task #16 will be ongoing throughout the project

I have found that writers are a supportive bunch. We share our ideas and help each other grow and learn. So tonight I’m heading down the yellow brick road hopefully to my version of Oz, a publishing contract!



3 thoughts on “GH day 15 – aka ‘Ask for Advice Day’

  1. Congratulations! I’m an aspiring writer & will be at the RWA conference in Atlanta. I’ll cheer you on! Very exciting. And phew–what a task list you’ve got going…I’m going to use it and snitch your organization 🙂

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