GH day 14 – aka ‘Design my Business Card Day’

I shudder at the thought. Why you ask? Because your business card is an extension of you. How am I  trying to market myself? Not to mention the fact that I have to decide WHAT should be on it.


Believe it or not, as an author your business card should include the following which I have placed into three categories for your reading pleasure:

The Obvious

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone Number
  4. Website

The Not so Obvious

  1. Tagline
  2. Book Blurb
  3. Twitter/Facebook address

The Really are you sure?

  1. My picture

 AND  you are supposed to leave space for people to take notes as well. Should I also hand out a magnifying glass with each card? I mean, the font is going to need to be -6 for all of this to fit!

Next you have to choose the style. What am I trying to convey with my card? Do I want edgy? As in kick-ass paranormal writer? Do I want simple? As in I have no stinking room on this teeny-tiny card for any type of graphics?

Decisions, decisions.

So I have come up with a design and now I’ll marinate on it. Why you ask?  (actually you have been asking why a lot in this blog). Because what looks great to me today may not look as smashing tomorrow. So I will wait 24 hours and then push ‘buy’.

Task 15 – Design my business card √ COMPLETED

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