GH day 13 – aka ‘Having a Heck of Time Blogging Day’

From my title, you can guess my struggle for today. Let me get the excuses out of the way now.

  1. It’s Sunday a day or rest, right?
  2. It is 70 degrees and sunny. If you live in the eastern-half of the US, nuff said.file000467118941
  3. I could be reading my friend’s book that she gave me to read and review prior to its release next month.
  4. I want to take a nap
  5. It’s day 13, unlucky number – maybe I shouldn’t be blogging?

Okay I’m done whining. Today for me is about continuing down a path when you really, really would rather be do anything else. For writers this is especially hard. I call it the battle of the blinking cursor.

Here’s how it shakes out – You know you’re supposed to be writing a scene or editing a chapter or submitting queries to an agent, but you sit hypnotized by the blinking cursor. It whispers to you to go sort out your closet or make brownies or go to the store or read the newest book you have sitting on your nightstand or downloaded to your e-reader. 

And you can do that, LATER. Writing is creativity but it is also about discipline. There are going to be times and tasks that you don’t want to do in association with your writing, but you need to do anyway. To succeed I need to move forward not simply sit watching a blinking cursor lull me into doing anything but what I need to do.

Task #14 – Write your blog! Just did 😉


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