GH day 12 – ‘Do my Taxes Day’

Before you yell at me for not doing my taxes yet, I have to tell you that today is ONLY Aprilfile000526853413 6th. I have PLENTY of time. I used to work for a tax attorney, so for some reason I have always been a procrastinator when it comes to doing my own taxes. I really don’t have an excuse. Right now, my return is pretty straight-forward.

Then I got to thinking about becoming an author and filing a schedule C. I will definitely want help then. I won’t be one of those people who throw things in a shoe box and hand it to my CPA – I hope to be more organized that. But the business of writing is something we all need to think about. The fun, creative part of writing is a blast. I have found myself laughing as I write a scene and it is an awesome experience to have. However that is only a part of being an author. The business side looms over all of us in one way or another.

Should I go to a conference and spend X dollars? Should I buy swag when I do get published to help sell my book? What should my marketing platform be? What groups will help me network and/or learn more about writing? What is my return on investment for any of these? And the list goes on.

With every scene and character I come up with, I face business decisions that could help propel me forward or suck me backward. It can be daunting, but I have to risk it or I’ll never see these manuscripts in print. So next to the creative hat on my shelf, I have made room for my business hat as well. They may jockey for position, but ultimately I can wear either of them at any given time and luckily I look good in hats!

Task #13 – Do your taxes √ COMPLETE


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