GH Day 10 – aka ‘Downshift Already Day’

file0001647280363 Today I feel like I was hit by a truck (a truck carrying cotton balls so as not to worry my friends and family, but a truck nonetheless). Humans cannot live on adrenaline alone! And I think that I have been riding an adrenaline high for a week now. I need to regroup and take care of myself.

Task #11 – take it easy on yourself

I have a tendency to go at things 90 miles and hour. Yeah, like you haven’t already figure  that out, right? So today, I downshifted to a lower gear and will be continuing along the road at a pace that I can enjoy the scenery. I have time for goodness sake – Nationals and the award ceremony is in July, not two weeks from now. I will continue to blog and ramble as I so often do as my ideas come to me. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog where I hope to me more coherent.

Tonight I plan to go to bed early and catch up on some sleep


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