GH day 8 – aka as ‘Look the Part Day’

I have been thinking about the RWA® National Convention in July and started to catalog  what I will be wearing. Not because I’m a girl and shopping is fun to me. In actuality I don’t like to shop, especially clothes shopping. But Nationals encompasses a multitude of things. It is a learning experience but just as important it is about networking.

The bottom line is I am on a job interview. I am trying to entice an agent or editor to work with me, AE Jones, the author. Now obviously, my writing is what will make or break me, but I also have to make a good impression – no torn jeans and flip-flops for me. I will look the part of a professional business woman because THAT IS WHAT I AM.

Task #9 – clothes make an impression – buy some new ones, already!


So that’s why I went shopping and bought some new tops and jewelry to go along with them. It’s a small step to presenting myself in the best light. I need to establish my image. An author is their brand. That is a scary proposition. Your name (or pen name) is what can sell a book. How do you stand behind your name and present yourself the best way you can to the publishing world and eventually your fans is an important lesson to learn.

I hope I’m a quick student.

Task #9 √ Completed (for now)

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