GH – Day 5 aka ‘Clean up those Blasted Emails Day’

Double task day!

Task #5 – Sign up for GH® Finalist Loop

As part of this process, yahoo groups have been set up to provide the finalists with information and the ability to meet and greet each other. So part of this process is signing up for these loops and staying connected!

Task # 6 – Clean up your emails – NOW!


You might be wondering if cleaning up my emails is really a ‘task-worthy’ endeavor. Well, normally I would say no, except that since the Golden Heart announcements, I have received over 500 emails and more are coming in as I write this!

It started with congratulations emails and I love to read those. Thanks to all my NEORWA buds sending well-wishes my way.

The yahoo group has also produced a plethora of emails. Fingers are flying over the keyboards of finalists across America, Canada and Australia. And since the yahoo group emails everyone who is signed up, you receive all the messages.

And we are ALL excited which makes us manic and we are authors so writing is in our blood which equates to EMAILS, EMAILS, EMAILS.

Since this whole process is new to me, I am afraid to not read them in case vital bits of information are interspersed in emails. And this has indeed been the case.

I’m thinking things will calm down as the days go by, but for the time being, I am holding on with both hands as the car races along the track.

Unfortunately, I think that task 6 may be reoccurring during the project plan.

For now, Task 5 and Task 6 √ √ COMPLETED


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