GH – Day 3 aka ‘Picture Day’

Plowing through day three… Yesterday, I talked about starting a project plan for the days and months leading up to the Golden Heart®. I fully intend to do that and will bring you along for the ride. I’ll be sharing my ups and downs as I work on this project which I have titled ‘Golden Heart Finalist to Published Author’ or ‘GHF 2 PA’ for short.

But I thought it was important to clarify a few things from yesterday’s post. I stated that task #1 was having an author picture taken, but I skipped a couple of very important tasks that should not be missed.

My true #1 task associated with becoming a finalist was turning into a grinning, teary-eyed, blithering idiot. This step cannot be avoided. It is inevitable and should have been listed as task #1. This task was definitely √ COMPLETED.

My task #2 was signing up for the National Convention in Atlanta. Approximately two hours after task 1 started to wind down and my hands stopped shaking, I logged onto the RWA® website registered and booked my hotel room. Task #2 √ COMPLETED.

So now I come to my author photo which is task #3. I had my picture taken yesterday and then I whittled it down to the final choice. I then forwarded this on to RWA and have also placed it on my ‘About Me’ page. Take a look-see and let me know what you think! Task #3 is √ COMPLETED.

So what’s next? Overhauling my website. Come visit tomorrow and see the updated site. I’m going with a new theme and adding some new pages so check it out and give me your opinion.


2 thoughts on “GH – Day 3 aka ‘Picture Day’

  1. Really happy for you Amy. Me, Barb and Diane will be rooting for you and Mary Jane from the audience. Congratulations again. Love the picture.

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