GH – Day 2 aka ‘The day AFTER the call.’

Wow, I am still reeling from yesterday. As you have already read, I am a finalist in the Golden Heart® or GH®. Yesterday was a whirlwind of excitement and sheer joy. To get the call is amazing.

Today reality is sinking in. I’ll admit that I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. During the day I am a project manager, so I have already started to think about what I need to accomplish between now and July 20th. I will be creating a ‘to do’ list over the next few days. I want to take full advantage of this opportunity to form relationships with my fellow authors as well as agents, editors, and publishers.

Task #1 – author photo. How scary is that? I have no decent photos on hand, so I had some taken by a friend of a friend at work. Now I am waiting to see the results, and no big shock, I HATE having my picture taken. Oh the things we do for the chance and fame! 😉

Talk to you soon….


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