I am Definitely a Night Person


When someone tells me that they get up at five in the morning to exercise, or bake, or clean, or God knows what else I am in awe. I mean how can someone function at full capacity that early in the morning?

For me, sleeping ALWAYS wins out over most things. If I didn’t have to go to work and pay for my mortgage, food and spoiled cats, I would not get up as early as I do now. I have to be to work at eight, so I shove out of bed around twenty after seven and am out the door by seven-forty so that I pull into the parking lot (sometimes on two wheels)at eight.

This goes for my writing as well (not the tire squealing part…well actually I have written car chases before so that’s not true). I write at night. In some respects this is due to my ‘day job’, but I find that I am much more creative later in the day. I get a second wind and my fingers fly over the keyboards just about the time I turn the lights on.

Being a night person is appropriate for me since I write paranormal. Should I really be writing about things that go bump in the night first thing in the morning? I mean, that’s when vamps would singe in the sun and you don’t see many werewolves going hairy at sunrise, right?

So maybe I was destined to write when the sun goes down.

2 thoughts on “I am Definitely a Night Person

  1. I’m a night person too, although last summer when I overhauled my novel, I was up every morning by 5:30. It practically killed me, but it was the only time available. (Staying up later meant interruptions, whereas nobody interrupted me at 5:30, lol). It is possible to do morning person activities. But not easy by any means. I’m trying to regather some of that summer motivation now, since the best I can do is 6:30-7ish.

    But for paranormal, it seems utterly appropriate to be writing at night. 😉

    1. I so know what you mean. I work my writing around my day job so I do what I have to do, but man it is hard in the morning on me. But I’ll do it if it helps me get published! Keep plugging away on your stuff too.

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