Rollercoaster Rejection Ride

I have started to send out my newest manuscript and I have begun what I like to call the rollercoaster rejection ride.


Here’s how it works:

  • Create query letter for agent and/or editor = sit down in your seat and pull the metal safety bar down on your lap
  • Hit send on email = the car starts moving
  • Wait for response = you look anxiously around to see what the ride has in store for you
  • At this point, 3 things can happen:
    • You receive a rejection = the car comes to a complete stop due to mechanical difficulty OR
    • You don’t hear back at all from the agent/editor = you realize you are on one of those rides that go around in circles OR
    • You are asked for a partial or full of your manuscript = you are heading up that big hill and the excitement is mounting
  • Now you wait for the response back on that request, pushing your feet down hard on the car floor and grabbing onto the safety bar, because at some point you are going to go over the top of that hill
  • You receive the email = you are now sitting at the top
  • Open it, open it, open it! = the car goes over
  • ‘We’re sorry…’ = the hill is a fake out feeling more like a speed bump than a mountain – there is no rush of adrenaline, no scream of delight, no throwing your arms into the air with glee.

So why do I do it? Because I want that rush, I want that scream of delight, I want to throw my arms up with glee. I will get published, I will succeed!

At first I thought the voices in my head would be silenced if I wrote them down and brought them to life. Now I know that the voices won’t truly be quiet until I tell their stories to others.

On I go, jumping into the next car and pulling the metal bar down onto my lap….


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