Why Writers are Confident (No really we are)

I know you’re thinking to yourself that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Writers are full of self-doubt you argue, and we can be, but I think that at a writer’s core there has to be a kernel of confidence. How can it not be? How many people do you know who tell you that they have always wanted to write a book but never get around to it? You nod and smile to yourself and say, I did something that most people have on their bucket list, but never accomplish.

When you pull up that blank computer screen for the first time and that darn cursor is taunting you…blink, blink, blink… and you type those first words-you have confidence! When you fill that first page and go onto the next, you have confidence, first scene, first chapter, first manuscript, you get the idea.

But it doesn’t end there. Most of our first works don’t make it from under our beds. So now you take what we learn and look at the blank computer screen….blink, blink, blink… and you start your second book. Now that’s when the real confidence kicks in. Your first work was rejected, but you don’t quit. You know you can learn and make it better and find a way to land in bookstores and ebooks and become a household name and have movies made out of your books and…okay, now you’re getting too confident.

Keep typing and tell that blinking cursor where to go!


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