Please…Anything but Editing!

So I finished the first draft of my manuscript – yay me! And there is always such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment associated with typing ‘the end’. Unfortunately, this feeling is followed up with the those of impatience and annoyance, or what many writers refer to as ‘editing hell’.

You take that manuscript that was so brilliant as your fingers flew across the keyboard just days ago and read it with a critical eye. How many times can I type ‘quiet’ when I meant ‘quite’, or ‘well ‘when I meant ‘we’ll’? Yuck.

But what is even worse is content changes. Those hurt. With a click of a mouse you delete hundreds of words that may have taken hours to write. Talk about a knife through the heart! Double yuck.

So why edit, you ask?

To make it better, of course! Even though editing can drive an otherwise normal author to distraction, it also can be a fulfilling event as well. There is nothing better than taking an ‘okay’ scene and making it sparkle.

In my most recent edits, I added an entire final chapter to the book because I realized I ended it too soon. How fun is that!

Editing is a necessary part of writing. It may not be the fun part, but it is the part that will help you market and sell your manuscript. So keep plugging away, it’s not quiet there yet. Sorry, I meant ‘quite’ there yet…


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