Summer’s Done

So I have no excuses – I have been ignoring my blog for the past month. I was flying through the summer and loving it…now the nights are cool, the leaves are starting to fall and I have to get down to the business of writing. I am a quarter of the way through a new book (potentially the first in a series) and I am at a crossroads. I came up with a great idea, but it centers around the secondary characters in the story!

So now I have a decision to make. Do I make the secondary characters the primary (which means re-writing the first 100 pages (ugh) or do I save this idea for the second book in the series and figure out a new path for the first book (double ugh). I’ve got some decisions to make. So how do I decide?

I pull out one of my ‘day job’ tools – make a list of the pros and cons. Once I do that, I can figure out the direction I need to go in. Either way, I hope to get two good stories out of this so wish me luck! And don’t worry…I’ll let you know what happens.


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