Why a Paranormal Author Likes to Read Historicals

On July 2nd, Becky Lower, a good friend of mine released her debut historical novel through Crimson Romance. So I wanted to give a shout out to her…Congrats!

In all honesty, I never thought I would like historical novels until I started reading them. After all, I am a paranormal writer. I need action, blood, and a fantastical other world that I can delve into.

Guess what? That is the same reason why I like historicals! When I meet fellow historical writers, and tell them that they write like paranormal authors, they give me the ‘look’ as in – she’s certifiable. Until I explain my theory.

Whether the heroine is fighting her desire for an alpha werewolf or a disreputable rake, she is immersed in a world that the reader has not lived in. World building is important for BOTH historicals and paranormals. It can be as vital as the characters themselves.

As a reader, I love to travel to these worlds in my mind and visit a reality that will never be mine, but is desirable because of its elusiveness.  Read on! Whether vampire or duke, shape shifter or rogue, if the world comes to life for you, it’s worth the trip!


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