Putting Emotion in your Writing

This past weekend I attended a great workshop about putting emotion in your writing led by Donna MacMeans. Donna is an historical romance writer who is also a great speaker. She started by telling us without emotion there is no connection for the reader. So get that emotion going in your writing!

She went on to give us some concrete examples of ways to pump up that emotion. For me, examples are the key to learning. I’m going through the new manuscript I’ve just started and finding ways to add those connections for my readers.

Donna also recommended that we look at those books we love and find the emotion in the pages. Great books should inspire us to write the best books we can.

If you like historicals, and you haven’t found Donna MacMeans yet, google her and check out her website!


2 thoughts on “Putting Emotion in your Writing

  1. You’re right Amy. Donna is a wonderful speaker. She’s enthusiastic and you can feel her passion about writing. I always learn something from her talks. Plus she’s a great lady!

  2. Interesting that you have to turn off the emotion in your business writing and then turn it back on and finely craft it for your professional writing….

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