Writing with a Cat in my Lap

So I am sitting in front of my laptop tonight trying to decide what my topic will be this week and I was coming up blank until my cat, Dillon, decided to plop himself on my lap. He likes to sit in my lap at night which causes problems since I that’s when I write (I have to keep that annoying day job to pay my bills).

And I realized that in much the same way I work around him rolling around on my lap and blocking my hands from typing, I work through my writing peaks and valleys. Sometimes I am going to stare at that blinking cursor and only a few words will spill on the screen. But I remember that they’re a few more than I had before I started. Or when I’m on a roll and become obsessed with writing, I have to let the real world in (aka that annoying day job) and pace myself.

And let’s not forget, having a purring furball roll around on your lap and blink large green eyes at you can just the tension breaker you need. Maybe it’s not so weird that most of my books have a cat somewhere in the story!




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