I Took First Place in the Fire & Ice Contest!

Wow, it is surreal to type those words – I won! As you know, I headed to Chicago this weekend to attend the Spring Fling Conference held by the Chicago North RWA chapter. It was a great conference and I had an amazing time. I met and spoke with Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Dianna Love!

Dianna Love who is a New York Times best-selling author and co-writes with Sherrilyn Kenyon (who is one of my favorite authors) actually got excited for little ‘ol me when she saw my finalist ribbon on my name tag. She wished me good luck and said she would be rooting for me when the winners were announced! How awesome is that!

Saturday night, the conference ended with a dinner gala. At the end of the night, the winners of the contest were announced. I held my breath when the paranormal category was read and my name was announced as the first place winner! I started grinning like an idiot and walked up to the stage praying I didn’t trip as I received my certificate.

It was an awesome experience and I was floating the rest of the night! Onwards and upwards is my motto! Publication – publication – publication.

One thought on “I Took First Place in the Fire & Ice Contest!

  1. SERIOUSLY INCREDIBLE!!!! Congratulations AMY!!!! I am so happy for you for a well deserved and hard earned triumph!!

    Is that red carpet fibers on your shoes???

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