Honesty From the Mouths of Babes

If you have been following my blogs, I have referenced my nieces and nephew in the past and how jazzed they are that I write (see blog 2/20/12 My Fanbase Grows). Since then, I have been working on a story for them since they cannot read my ‘normal’ work. I write paranormal and urban fantasies that are a bit too mature for them.

So, I promised them a story of their own. Over Easter, they came to visit me and I was able to read the beginning of their story. It is about three siblings, two girls and a boy (big shock) who get into trouble because they can’t hide their powers from their very human teacher.

The kids liked it and attached themselves to ‘their’ character and started talking about what they wanted to see happen next! It was a lot of fun and I hope we continue down the path of sharing ideas and being creative.

But they also have no problem being honest either. So if you are looking for an honest critic for your works, try someone under the age of 12!


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