Starting a New Manuscript is like a First Date!

So I am heading down the path of a new manuscript. Writing a new story is like dating a new person. Sweaty palms, heart racing as I put words to the page. The characters start to flesh out for me and develop as their conflicts are flowing through my fingertips.

But new works can be as fickle as new relationships, is it working in the beginning? Is there enough substance to last for the long haul? That’s for me to decide. The more pages that I type, the better it goes.

Scenes become dates, and I ask myself if they are impactful, or is the reader ready to check out after appetizers.

It’s a lot to think about as I write, but that is the curse of the writer. We are cerebral, spending way too much time in our heads. Hopefully the reader comes along and stays through dessert!

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