My Fanbase Grows

So I have to tell you that my family are some of my biggest supporters on this road to publication. Recently, my two nieces and nephew have become my biggest fans. When I talk to them, they ask me all kinds of questions about how my writing is going, if I have heard from any agents or editors, etc. I love that they are interested and excited for me.

One of the questions that I was tickled about was that they wanted to read what I write. However that is a bit tricky. I write paranormal romances and urban fantasies that are a bit too grown up for their age. So I had to tell them that they couldn’t read my novels. But that got me thinking…I could write a story for them that was kid-appropriate. So now ideas are bubbling in my head and a plot is forming. I am going to try to write something for them, just for fun. I’ll keep you updated as it progresses.

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