Why Brainstorming makes my Head Hurt!

As a writer I have to find various sources of inspiration. Oftentimes, this comes from brainstorming. I try and think of ideas, no matter how farfetched and then expand upon them until I can start a story or novel. Brainstorming is freeing and frustrating, exhilerating and exhausting. Not every idea will bring you a story, but there is often a golden opportunity in the batch of ideas you come up with.

What is interesting to me is that when I brainstorm, sometimes my head actually hurts! As I start to weave ideas in my head and they allude me, frustration can set in. It is similar to trying to remember someone’s name or the lyrics to a song and as much as you try, it’s just out of reach.

Many times these memories (and brainstorming ideas) come at the weirdest times – like 2 in the morning. You sit up in bed and realize you are having an ‘aha moment’. Many of my best brainstorming sessions happen right before I fall asleep or wake up in the morning. So keeping paper and pen on my nightstand is a must!


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