Time for the Golden Heart (gulp!)

It’s that time of year again, where budding romance authors scramble to send in their manuscripts to the Golden Heart contest. Now, in the past I have talked about contests and why you enter them. But the Golden Heart is the Big Kahuna contest. Why you may ask?

Well, for one thing it’s national. 1200 entries are allowed in the Golden Heart – yowza, and there are numerous categories to slot those manuscripts in. I (of course) am entering Paranormal, along with a slew of other people (ugh).

With the Golden Heart, 5 people judge your entry and provide you back with a score between 2 & 9. That’s it. No comments or suggestions on how to improve your work. Just a score. So why enter?

Exposure for one thing. If you final in your category and you attend nationals where the winners are announced, you get to meet and greet with various editors and agents. Great opportunity.

Another reason for me is the adrenaline rush. There is something special about the day the finalists are announced. Normally this is at the end of March and you spend the entire day jumping every time your phone rings, thinking it could be THE call. How can I pass that up?

Last year, at the end of the day, my friends took me out for a commiseration dessert. Maybe this year I will be celebrating, but there will still be dessert in the equation!


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