Shamefaced Writing This

So you have obviously noticed that I have not been writing. It is quite ironic when a writer fails to put words to page. After all, that’s what we do. Do birds fly, do bees buzz to fishes swim? You heard this line (or something similar before). So I would like to apologize for my considerable lack of writing these last weeks on this site.

My only excuse has been a 10 hr a day work schedule launching a new system at my ‘day job’.  Sounds boring, I know. I could jazz it up and say that demons infiltrated my town and I had to fight them off with the help of a single, hot sheriff and a plucky orphan, but I cannot tell a lie. I can tell a good story, but not a lie. I can only pledge to work at being more faithful to this blog and keep my thoughts coming. Stay tuned….


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