A Writer’s Love for Halloween

Okay, here’s the deal. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love, love, LOVE the decorations,  the parties (I have 2 each year), and the costumes.

There is something so magical about the holiday. I think it brings out my creativity which is why it’s so much fun. I don’t just go with the boring, costume standbys. I try to do something that will stand out and people will recognize without me telling them.

No generic witch costume for this paranormal writer, no way. One year a group of co-workers agreed to dress up like witches. When everyone came to work it was the same – black hat, black dress, green skin, cauldron.  I showed up in a sixties dress and blond wig. When asked who I was supposed to be, I told them Samantha Stevens from Bewitched. I thought it was creative – be original is my motto.

As a writer, my creativity flows though words. For Halloween, my creativity flows through my costumes. I hope both continue to offer up new and unusual ideas.

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