Enthusiastic Patience

What is enthusiastic patience you might ask? Until I started writing seriously, I would have said that these two words did not belong together. Now I know that in the world of writing, they are paired in an awkward dance where the secret is whether or not you can hear the music and dance to the right beat.

So what do I mean by this? Well, as a writer you have to be enthusiatic about your writing. I mean if you’re not, who will be? Your work is a piece of you and you nurture and watch it grow into something that you can be proud and excited about.

That part seems easy, right? Okay, here comes the hard part. Your enthusiasm has to be partnered with, you guessed it, patience. When you send out your queries, it often takes weeks or months before you hear anything back. Requests for full manuscripts (OMG, OMG) can take three or more months before you hear a peep from the agent or editor you have submitted to.

Now let’s say you get signed by an agent (fingers crossed), your agent can spend months trying to sell you manuscript. Finally, you hear that your book has been sold (fingers and toes crossed) and it will be published in twelve to fifteen months give or take!

And during all this time you wait patiently AND you keep that enthusiasm churning in your stomach. You have to do it – tell yourself everyday why you are doing this. Make it your mantra if it helps you through the waiting.

With every partnership there will be trials and tribulations, but everything that is worth something is worth waiting for right? In this case remember to wait enthusiastically.

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