Realism in Paranormal Writing

Okay, so I thought I would share this with you since I think it’s funny. If you haven’t figured out by now, I write paranormal. So vamps, demons, shape shifters, etc clog my pages. Even though these ‘fantasy’ characters play a major role in my work, I still have to be careful of the realism.

I wrote a scene the other day and read it to the writer’s group I am a member of. It centers around couple of demons being chased by my heroine who is a security guard in a casino. In this scene, she pulls a gun and shoots the one demon. Now, the interesting thing about the critique I got back wasn’t that they didn’t buy a large glowing-eyed demon who could control electronics (and this demon could), or the fact that the demon could heal in short order from the bullet. Instead what they questioned was the fact that she was carrying a gun in a casino. Was this even allowed with security guards?

I laugh to myself, because even though paranormal stories allow you to world build, if that world is part of our ‘normal’ world, there are limits to what rules you can break. It’s an interesting dynamic and something paranormal writers have to watch. You don’t want to solve every ‘problem’ with a handy-dandy supernatural solution or your readers will complain you take the easy way out. So, on I go, writing my scenes and making sure I follow ‘most’ of the rules! (By the way, I did some research and some casino security do carry firearms, whew!)

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