Help! I’m Running out of Room in my Head for the Real World!

If you have checked out my site, you know that I have written manuscripts for two paranormal series that I hope to get published. So I’m constantly joking that a part of my brain is in my Paranormal Romance world and the other part is in my Urban Fantasy world. This of course leaves little room for the real world.

A couple of weeks ago I came up with a new idea for a book that (you have probably already guessed) could easily become a paranormal series. Ideas are bouncing around like jumping beans in my head, and I now have to make room in my brain for yet another world. Now, at some point something’s going to have to give! Cause the real world is losing ground in my head 😉 If I think about it with what brain I can spare, it is the most ‘boring’ of the worlds. Vamps, angels, special powers are much more interesting than the 6pm news.

So I will continue to compartmentalize until one of these worlds leaves my head. Maybe when I publish I will feel a sense of completion and I can let the bird fly from the nest, leaving room for a new baby…

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