Call of the Domesticated

Have you ever noticed that a lot of novels have cats in them? Cats that often take on their own personas and move the story line along. Sometimes we the readers are even  invited inside their feline brains. 

What is it about the cat that facinates writers? Cats are often solitary. They don’t always play by the rules. They don’t follow direction well. They feign indifference, but they actually want attention. 

Does this remind you of anyone? …. I’ll give you a hint – writers!

Let’s face it. Writers are solitary when they are creating. If we followed the rules, and never colored outside the lines, we would be churning out Stepford novels, all they same boring cookie cutter books. And even though we declare that our skin is thick (I bet I got more rejections than you did this week…) we do want acknowledgement that our stories mean something to someone.

Maybe cats are so prevelant in our pages because they are a subconscious reminder of who we, as writers, are.

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