Maybe it’s the hot summer we’re having, but I have been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. What is it? Where does it come from? Why does it elude us when we need it?

Inspiration is like BBQ chips to me. I can’t get enough and unlike chips, it doesn’t make me sick to my stomach if I eat too much! Through it, I create new worlds and characters (human or not – I write paranormal novels if you were confused). If an idea starts percolating, I have to write it down even if it is just a sentence or two. Because inspiration is a gift and should NOT be shrugged off when it happens.

Inspiration makes be giddy. Sometimes when I come up with an idea, I smile or even laugh out loud. It makes me happy and it keeps my bum in the seat writing. Maybe we aren’t supposed to be inspired all the time, since we wouldn’t get much of our day-to-day accomplished, but I still love the goosebumps when a scene comes together in my head and it flows onto my laptop screen. And if I come up with a new direction for my book or a new idea for a novel…nirvana.


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