Writer’s Block (aka Bard takes a Vacation)

Good Lord, I never thought it would happen to me….I have heard the complaint from a number of writers before, but I had not felt this certain type of pain – WRITER’S SLUMP! I went through three long weeks where the bard left me. I felt bereft, lonely, and as time went on just plain cranky. I would turn on my laptop and look at the screen, type a few words and then nothing. And as the days went on, it seemed to get worse, but then we are our own worst enemy.  What if I never write again? What if the cursor keeps taunting me with its wicked blinking? Etc.

So what did I do? I forced myself to write – I told myself that even if it wasn’t worth the computer screen it was written on, I had to type something, anything. Because, I realized that after a few days, the ‘writer’s slump’ had turned into more of a confidence issue. The longer I went without writing, the worse it got. And you know what, after I wrote that first time (and don’t think it wasn’t painful) I knew I would be all right. The bard had not left me, instead he had taken a summer holiday. Now he is back and all is good in my supernatural world! Now I just have to make sure I plan my vacation at the same time he plans his next year and all will be okay….


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