New York City… Here I Come!

So I am getting ready for RWA’s National convention at the end                                              of June and I am more than a little excited. First of all, the national convention is amazing. I attended me first in Orlando   last year and I was shell shocked at the volume and variety of authors, editors and agents who fill the convention.

Workshops are conducted where you bump elbows with Jayne Ann Krentz, Julia Quinn, Meg Cabot, Sherrilyn Kenyon…HELLO! And then there are ‘spotlights’ where the various publishing houses tell authors what they are looking for. And I can’t forget about the book signings. Free books – it’s like supplying crack to a recovering adict.

Now, this year the meeting is in New York City which is amazing. That opens the doors to more agents and editors attending since it is in their neck of the woods. And there is an excitement to New York and publishing which go hand in hand.

So I’m in the process of making a list of what really needs to go with me to New York and then cutting it in half (afterall, I need to leave room in my suitcase for the free books). And then off I go to the Big Apple for those people who inspire me. Last year I came home pumped to be a writer and I expect to feel that way again. It is a creative reboot for me and I am counting the days!


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