Reader’s Emotions

Give me a good TV show over a movie anytime. WHY you may ask? For me a movie is a moment in time.  Two (if you’re lucky) hours of humor, emotion etc, wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end. TV lets you meet, fall in love and become addicted to characters. You go along for the ride. And it isn’t necessarily neat and tidy – but that’s part of the fun isn’t it? So it shouldn’t be a shock to learn that I am a series reader. If I love a character, I don’t want them to go away after the first book. I become INVESTED in how they develop.

So I know what it’s like to read a book from one of my favorite authors and gasp in disbelief when something happens to a character that I love. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I swear I won’t read another word! These characters have become my friends and I don’t expect them to act certain ways or do certain things.

Imagine my surprise when I recently had a friend of mine finish my 1st book in a series and actually get upset with me because of what I am doing with a character in the second book! At first I was shocked that she felt so strongly about it, but that quickly turned to being flattered. I mean, if I could bring about that type of emotion in someone else because they had become invested in MY characters then I am doing my job, right?

But I also took this as a learning experience too. I mean, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. So to my friend, I told her that she would have to wait and see what happens. There is a reason for everything after all. It might not be clear now, but keep reading, I have a method for my madness…I PROMISE!


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