Book 2 – Where to go from here?

Okay…so I finished another manuscript. Yay me! While I am sending out my queries to agents and editors, I have started book 2 in the series. It’s either that or chewing my fingernails off waiting for responses back on the first one.

Now, you would think that book 2 would be easier right? I mean, you have established your core characters. You have given the reader an idea of their motivations, inner struggles etc.  So wouldn’t numero 2 be easier? Not necessarily.

The first book was about discovery. The next book is about digging deeper into the characters and keeping it fresh. You want your readers to come back for more. And then there is the issue about how much you really need to talk about book 1 in book 2.

Really you have two potential readers 1) those who have read book 1 and know the backstory as they read book 2 and 2) those who are picking up book 2 and have no idea what book 1 was about.  Oh the pain of figuring out what really needs to be said in these sequel books…especially if you have some plots that are carrying over from book to book!

Do I have the answer for this? Absolutely not. Many of the authors I read who write series don’t spend anytime talking about the previous books. They assume you will catch up as you go. Others have at least a paragraph or prologue or glossary of terms to bring their readers up to speed. Either way works. I just have to find a happy medium to satisfy both types of readers. Because I plan on lots and lots of people wanting to read my books. For me, it is all about positive thinking.


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