Other Worlds

The other day I told a friend of mine that in the last few years I have had trouble speaking. Words jumble and the most ridiculous things come out. For example, I meant to say ‘look at the racoon’ the other day and instead said ‘look at the rhinoceros’! She quickly reminded me that unlike most people I am currently living in 3 worlds – the ‘real’ world and two other worlds where my books live. No wonder my words are jumbled!

World building for my stories is so much fun. Don’t we all wish things could be different? Well they can be in fiction. For me, that is especially the case since I write paranormal. Vamps, and demons,  and shifters, oh my! fill my pages. I get to write my tragic or happy endings anyway I like. Maybe I just need to find a reason for rhinoceros to roam free in one of my worlds…I’ll start working on it.

I love spending time in an imaginary world and not having to be medicated because of it!


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