Jumping into Blogdom

My first official blog (gulp). I find this daunting to tell you the truth. I am not a facebook fanatic or a twitter junkie. So jumping into the cyberworld to discuss my thoughts took an adjustment. But I am a writer and plan to be a published author someday soon (I say with trepidation I mean confidence).

So I will bring you along on my journey. Let you know my frustrations and triumphs as I try to publish stories. I told my Mom today that one of my biggest accomplishments would be having someone tell me they stayed up until 3am reading one of my books. We all have read that book that holds our attention. We forget to eat, we forego sleep to read what happens to those characters who have gotten under our skin. That is what I want – maybe it sounds like pie in the sky, but we all have to dream don’t we?

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